BAW Technologies changing the landscape of the Nursing Field

Technological advancements and innovations had their inception as a means of providing ease in the everyday functions and further remedies to problems. Technology has found its way into the tiniest aspect of our lives and the world has transitioned towards a one-eighty degree shift to say. Nevertheless, technology is an ongoing process of innovations with new advancements astounding us every day.

Technology and Medical

Hospitals and even small clinics are greatly relying on technological advancements to carry on with their everyday tasks. Simply speaking, even patient data is stored in computers and reports are processed from machines as well. Newer machines are providing us with newer ways to better examine, store and distribute data of the patients as well. We all must have recently heard regarding ‘robotic surgeries’ where the surgery is being performed by a robot which is in turn operated by a doctor. Such surgeries are now occurring everyday as we speak.

Keeping medical and technology in mind, it inevitable that technology will continue to assist in the medical field as well, the medical field not only pertains to doctors but the field of nursing as well. Nurses make up an essential portion of the medical field and without their backing; doctors could not and cannot handle patients solely on their efforts.

Technologies changing the landscape of Nursing Field

Here we have listed few technologies which have positively impacted the nursing field;

Information Management: Previously, all patient information had to be recorded manually on charts but with time, majority of hospitals are turning towards Electronic Filing instead of filling out information with pen and paper. Nurses can fill data online as well making it easier for the patient to check their data online thereby also aiding in communication.

Vein Finding Tool: This tool provides live view of the veins and is also known as ‘vein mapping’. It helps to locate and assess patient veins while avoiding valves and bifurcations while providing with the best veins for IV starts and blood withdrawals. When an active infrared vein finder is applied to the skin, the hemoglobin in the blood readily absorbs the infrared light and vessels become visible to the naked eye. This reduces multiple sticks which in turn cause pain to the patient.

Electronic IV Monitors: Previously, nurses had to monitor IV movements manually which could be sped up or slowed down by a subtle movement. With the advent of IV pump infusion and electronic monitoring, nurses can freely commence an IV and allow a machine to monitor and regulate the process. Any error can be corrected by the system itself or contact the nurse via remote monitoring.

4D Ultrasound: The inception of ultrasound and sonogram has been nothing short of pioneering in the medical field. Pre-natal screening and checking for the fetal well-being has been made all the more easier with such devices. Pregnancy monitoring throughout all the stages can be done in a much more enhanced manner with accurate results, therefore easing up the work of nurses in caring for the pregnant patients.

Sphygmomanometer: Nurses need not rely on measuring heart beat rates manually now when, with the advent of Electronic blood pressure cuffs or ‘sphygmomanometers’ allow for the nurses to measure heart beat rates automatically.

Drug Management Automation: The automation of drug management and administration has greatly contributed to the efficacy in the ‘drug logistics chain’ which covers reception, unitarization, storage, dispensation, delivery and administration to patients. Bar coding and verification, means of hi-tech retrieval and delivery massively decrease chances of dangerous errors. Nurses can better record and administer the drugs delivery with such technologies.

Video Conferencing: Nurses are able to communicate with much more ease via internet based video conferencing now and able to provide telehealth care services as well.


The monumental transformation the medical profession all thanks to technological advancements is not to be overlooked or undermined. Technology will continue to provide solutions and alleviate our regular tasks and processes including in nursing as well.

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