Important Facts about Gutter Cleaning in Victoria, Australia

Important Facts about Gutter Cleaning in Victoria, Australia

The first question that arises once the topic of gutter cleaning crops up is why is it that important? What happens if gutters are not checked and cleaned periodically? Why should gutter cleaning be entrusted to professionals and not be treated as a simple DIY job? These and many more questions will be answered in this piece.

At the outset, it should be understood that roof gutters and down pipes maintenance is crucial but is often not given the importance it deserves by home owners. In fact, changing discoloured wallpaper or cleaning the carpets gets more attention. This is primarily because roof gutters are hidden from view and few take the trouble of climbing up a ladder to inspect them periodically. While this rather simple procedure is usually neglected, the long term effects of not doing so can be devastating.

Let’s take a live example of gutter cleaning in a specific place in Australia, say Seaford in Victoria. It’s a small picturesque town located on Port Philip, 5km north of the city of Frankston and considered to be one of the several gateways to the Mornington Peninsula. In Seaford you will find rows of pristine clean houses lined up in residential localities.

Now consider what would happen if residents here neglect to clean their gutters at least once a year. The walls of their houses would be stained and the foundation would be weak. There would be leaking ceilings and roofs and accumulated water around the perimeter of their homes. The whole town of Seaford would take on a tired and worn out look.

Why would this be so?

Gutters are primarily meant to flush away rain water and moisture build-up from the roof through the gutters and down the pipes into the drainage network. When dry leaves, dirt and debris accumulate in the gutters, they get clogged. Water cannot therefore flow smoothly into the downpipes. This results in water overflowing from the gutters and seeping down the sides of the wall. This stains and discolours the exterior walls. Further, this water accumulates around the perimeter of the foundation thereby weakening the stability of the structure.

While repainting the walls does not come cheap, repairing the foundation can break the bank. Add to it, changing rotting wood window and door frames and leaking roof tiles and the total expenditure bill can be very high to say the least. This is why you should have a roof gutter maintenance contract with a professional agency. Residents of Seaford can get in touch with Jim’s Mowing, a company that provides other home maintenance services such as lawn care and mowing, rubbish removal and hedging and pruning apart from frequent inspection and cleaning of gutters.

It is not only damage to your house that is an offshoot of blocked roof gutters. The State of Victoria is notorious for its fickle weather conditions, severe storms and gales and in dry season rampant bush fires. Hence, roof gutters in houses close to the sea like Seaford should be ready to bear the brunt of heavy lashing rains with roof gutters clean enough to drain out water quickly and effectively.

Similarly, in the dry season, houses should be bush fire ready. When dry leaves accumulated on roofs and gutters light up in fires, flying embers spreads quickly between houses. Hence, apart from keeping roof gutters clean, it is also necessary to ensure that any trees in close proximity to the house should be removed or else if the trees are at a distance they are regularly trimmed and pruned and all limbs overhanging on to the roof are removed. Dead leaves will not then fall on the roof and clog up the gutters.

Here too, tree removal and trimming and pruning of tall trees and cutting limbs and branches should be entrusted to professional agencies and should not be treated as DIY job. Climbing up trees or onto the roof for pruning and trimming and branch removal can be an extremely hazardous exercise. Residents in Melbourne and the State of Victoria can visit the website and contact Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery for top of the line comprehensive services related to tree care and tree removal.

There is another aspect that is important for proper upkeep of gutters. Home owners should ensure that roof gutters have been properly installed. Water should move without any obstruction through the downpipes and into the drainage network.

Keep these aspects of gutter maintenance in mind and have a clean home that is high on aesthetics and curb value.

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