Follow These 8 Simple Hacks and Wake Up with a Beautiful Skin

Do you wish to look flawless after waking up from sleep in the morning?

It’s a dream for most of the girls, that they wake up and look exactly like their favorite Disney character – Cinderella, Barbie and many other beauties. We have grown up watching them, and believing that true beauty is inspired by them, which is indeed inspired by them. We aspire to look like them, but it is difficult and maintaining that look sometimes seems out of the way.

There are some tips and tricks, which when followed religiously, will give you a healthy and glowing skin. These small tips can prove much beneficial than using those expensive skin care products, and are natural.

While using these products are not harmful, but if you are a lazy girl, and just can’t keep up with the routine, then include some simple hacks and shine among your colleagues and friends, like a diva. Some of the hacks that will make your beauty regime easy and comfortable are mentioned below. Treat yourself with a beauty sleep that’ll rejuvenate your body, hair and skin.

  1. Get baby soft feet

Exfoliate your legs and feet, after work; soak them in warm water and then use Vaseline or some almond oil, and massage your feet. After massaging them, wear socks to treat dry and rough feet; get beautiful and soft feet in the morning. Follow this ritual regularly and get beautiful feet every day.

  1. A perfect pout

Perfect and shiny lips attract people and to attain those lips, exfoliate them regularly. To exfoliate, use a clean toothbrush or a lip scrub, which can be whipped from the kitchen. For making a lip scrub, use the ingredients that suits you, or else, your lips will be damaged. After exfoliating from a scrub or toothbrush, apply a thin layer of almond oil or honey; they will moisturize the lips and keep them soft, and will cure the dark lips.

  1. Treat split ends

Even after trimming the hair regularly, spilt ends tend to come; to treat split ends, just smooth over some aloe vera gel on the ends of the hair before going to bed. Following this religiously, will help you get rid of them in short time. Wake up with beautiful and healthy tresses.

  1. Grow eyebrows and eyelash naturally

Apply castor oil or almond oil to your eyebrows and eyelashes at night. Leave them overnight and this will provide them nutrients, which will help them grow naturally longer and thicker. Dab some oil on an old mascara brush or a Q-tip, and use them along the top line of eyelash and over the eyebrows.

  1. Healthy Hair

It is advised to use a satin pillow while sleeping, because they don’t cause damage to the hair, and avoid hair fall. For healthy and lustrous hair, massage warm oil mixed with few drops of lavender oil. Use your fingertips to work thoroughly with the mixture across your scalp. This massage will help your scalp to breathe, resulting in strong and silky hair.

  1. Moisturize the skin

Exfoliate the whole body and not only the face; exfoliating the skin will remove dead cells and massaging the face will stimulate the blood flow in the muscles. This will make the skin radiant and appear to glow. After the day’s work, exfoliate the skin to remove the dirt and makeup and follow up with a good moisturizing process. This will rejuvenate the skin overnight; apply some amount of facial oil under the night cream, or massage your face with some avocado oil, argan oil or vitamin E oil to get a radiant glow in the morning. The skin essentials used for moisturizing the face at night should be of good quality and suits your skin.

  1. Dark circles

Massage a small amount of almond oil or coffee oil around your eyes using the ring finger. Massage it properly and remove the excess oil using some cotton. This trick will treat the dark circle, puffiness and fine lines.

  1. Get rid of Pimples

Dab some diluted tea tree oil on the pimples with a cotton swab. The disinfecting properties in the oil will reduce the redness without causing dry skin. You can also rub some ice on the pimples, which will reduce the soreness of the pimples.

These simple hacks are easy to use and can be easily found in everyone’s kitchen. Use these simple tips and get a glowing and radiant skin without indulging in expensive treatments.

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