Some Nice Summer Coupons For You!!

$0.75 off Any ONE (1) DOLE Banana Dippers $1.00 off (1) DOVE Milk Chocolate Bars

I’m sure we’re ALL going through a LOT of these this summer:

$2.75 off 1 package of Energizer Ultimate Lithium $1.00 off any Rayovac Alkaline Batteries

“How many batteries do you go through on average during the summer months? How many different ways do you use batteries in the products that you (and your kids) use every day?”


Kids & Baby

Snacks and Frozen Treats

Household Must-Have’s

HOT!!! Hair Care (these products are popular!)

Misc Stuff

Health & Wellness Coupons For You!!

Here’s a quick list of Health and Wellness Coupons. Relieve your headaches, get some well-deserved allergy relief, see your daily vitamins, and take some motion-sickness meds with you on the cruise, flight or car trip! You can take care of many of the most common ailments (and needs) with this list of great products…

There’s even water to wash the pills and tablets down when you’re due for your recommended dose 🙂

$1.50 off IGA Water


Have a great day!

Here Is Some Good Coupons For You!!


Condiments Anyone?

Soups (they’re great for what ails you… or, really, for ANY occasion!) – Comfort food…

Meat – Something to go with your ketchup?

GLADE! – mmm… smells great!

Misc – Necessary Stuff…

Great Coupons Here!! Happy Mother’s Day!!

Some Terrific Coupons For You!!


Multimedia Products + Magazines + Batteries

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers + Baby Products

Coffee + Beverage + Drinks + Juice

Snacks + Candy

Cereal + Breakfast Stuff


Condiment + Sauce + Dressings

GLADE + Air Fresheners

Hair + Eyes + Ears + Nose + Teeth + BEAUTY & Body Products (VERY POPULAR)

Health & Wellness (Vitamins + Personal Care Products)

Cleaning + Scrubbing + Detergents

Food Stuffs + Soup


Have a great day!


Some Early Spring Essential Coupons!!

Health & Wellness



Personal Care

Home & Automobile Products

Here Are Some Happy Wednesday Coffee Coupons!!

Get yourself some coffee and some great savings!!

Here Are Some GREAT Coupons For You!!


Health & Wellness



Personal Care

Pet Products

Some New Coupons For You!!!

Here are some great miscellaneous coupons for you!!


Misc Personal Care


Some Great Coupons For You!!



Personal Care

In the Home

COUPONS!!! – expiring 3/31/2013

New Coupons This Week!

Some Coupons For You!
Personal Care Products: for muscle aches, acne, lips, etc.



Bunny DVD


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