Taken – A Novel By Charlotte Abel

Please read my review of Enchantment – Book # 1 in this series

“Bound by love and magic. 
 Betrayed by those they trust.  
 Not everyone survives.”

Taken by Charlotte Abel is the second book in her Channie series. The book opens with the main characters, Channie and Josh, hiding from their enemies in a cabin in the woods, nearly freezing to death. Josh, a royal mage, is just learning to use his powers. Alone for the first time, teenaged, and newly married, Channie and Josh must hide from those who want them dead. Intrigue and danger follow them every step of the way, as they prepare for the solstice and the impending mage war.

Charlotte Abel has once again written an exciting and enjoyable book. She leaves readers on the edge of their seats and wanting more. I can’t wait til the third installment comes out in September 2012.

You can visit Charlotte Abel’s website TheChannieSeries.com or purchase the book on amazon.com.

Love In The Wrong Dimension By Anette Darbyshire

This book is about two longtime friends who live together. They both decide to change their lives.  After a freak accident one friend dies, leaving the other friend grief stricken.  The two try to communicate with each other from different dimensions through psychic means. Along the way they both find true love and other friendships.

The story has many twists and turns leaving the reader intrigued and guessing how the story will end.  It’s an excellent read and I highly recommend it! The story line is very unique and enjoyable to read.

*All opinions expressed are 100% my own – I was not compensated for this post. I did receive a copy of the book for review.*

Tell Me A Story – Stories From A Childhood In Old New York

First I would like to thank Bea Gold for the opportunity to read and review this wonderful coffee table book, it was very enjoyable!

The stories in this book are based on Bea’s own childhood recollections and each story is accompanied by her own artwork, which I would say added dimension and beauty!  Her writing is very engaging – I found myself constantly picking up the book every day and reading a few stories. The stories are written as being told through the eyes of a young girl being raised by immigrant parents in the 1930’s and 40’s New York.  In reading this book I found that these stories are still relevant today.  It brought me back to similar stories in my childhood, both happy and sad.  It is a compilation of some very moving stories which left me looking for more!  It is my hope that she continues in writing the next chapters of her life, now in California, as  I am sure there are many great stories still left to tell.
There are so many touching and powerfully moving stories in this book such as her Daddy the practical joker, the death of her Grandfather, along with her family moving frequently.  There was even a recipe that I would like to try – a delicious lentil soup!
This book is a must have for your coffee table, that is where my copy is and I know it will be enjoyed for many years to come. 

Enchantment By Charlotte Abel

Enchantment is a story of a young teenage girl (15 y/o.) Her name is Channie and she lives in a community of mages who live magic. Her father’s gambling habits get the family into trouble with a high powered member of the community and they must flee from their home. They cross the country and end up in a community of empties (non-magical people).

In this empty community, Channie meets a boy named Josh and falls in love with him. Now Channie must learn to control her powers, her hormones, and learn how to cope with her feelings for Josh. All the while living with the fear and threat of the Veyjivik family and the blood debt they hold over Channie’s family.

Charlotte Abel wrote an enjoyable story of young love overcoming all obstacles. It was a story that appeals to women of all ages, as both my daughter and I loved it. We can’t wait to continue Channie’s story by reading Taken, the second book in the series.

This book is available as an ebook at amazon.com

There will also be a free ebook giveaway coming March 13th – 15th at Amazon and Enchantment will be part of this giveaway!! Be sure to look for it.

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