Google to offer Android users privacy-friendly search engine alternatives Save

Google will offer privacy-friendly rival search engines on smartphones, as part of a remedy for a multi-billion euro fine from European competition watchdogs.

From March, people in the European Economic Area including Britain will be greeted with the option to use rival search engines as the default when they first activate new Android devices.

In Britain, DuckDuckGo, a search service that does not profile users for advertising as their default search engine, Microsoft’s Bing and, a search engine owned by US internet company Blucora, will also be offered as an alternative to Google.

Google released the list of alternative search engines on Thursday. DuckDuckGo and appear in every country, although Bing – the Western world’s second most popular search engine after Google – will only be an option in the UK. PrivacyWall, another search engine that limits tracking, also features in several countries….


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