Lunar Eclipse 2020: How to click and share pictures from your Android, iOS smartphone

Last month, we witnessed the ‘ring of fire’ in the sky created by the annular solar eclipse. Within a month, we have another event taking place, the Lunar Eclipse of 2020. The eclipse is taking place tomorrow, January 10 and it will be visible to people in India and countries across Asia, Africa and Europe. While you can enjoy the moment by looking out of the window of your home, it is quite obvious that you would want to capture that moment forever. Here’s how you can make use of the technology to capture and share the images of the Lunar Eclipse 2020.

The Lunar Eclipse 2020 will take place for approximately 4 hours. It is set to begin at 10:37 pm IST on January 10 and will go on until 2:42 AM IST on January 11.

How to click pictures from Android, iOS smartphone?
While clicking a picture of the event is as simple as clicking a button, you can get a more clear shot by following these guidelines:

Try to use a tripod to get a steady shot
Prefer taking the picture from a clear roof where you can have a proper view
In your camera settings, make sure you are shooting at the highest resolution in order to capture more detail in your shot. Use 48MP or 64MP mode if your phone supports it.
Do not zoom a lot as that can distort the image
Enable the HDR mode for enhanced image quality
Do not use the flashlight as it will not make any difference on your shot
Prefer setting the exposure manually
Only use the Pro mode in your camera app if you are aware of what you are doing
Take multiple shots as you can decide which one to share at last
Edit the images using third-party apps like Snapseed to enhance the quality
While a DSLR camera with a good lens can get you an astonishing shot, the whole setup can be a little expensive and cumbersome. So, you can always rely on a good smartphone camera.


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