‘Tis The Season – Satisfy All Those On Your List

It’s hard to believe we are in October already – the holidays will be here before we know it.   I have always tried to get each person on my list, the item(s) that are most important to them.  Lately though it’s been difficult finding just the right gifts for everyone, that I started to slack off and settled on gift cards.  In retrospect, although gifts cards are a great item – I just got lazy!!  The main reason I would purchase gift cards was my youngest daughter whose tastes in clothing differed from mine.  Anytime I would find a nice outfit for her she would not like it and then return it for something else.

This season – I vow to find everyone the gifts that they want, they want GAMES!!!  I plan to purchase them from a reliable retailer – one who will be there tomorrow and  have the products they want right now – my son wants Borderlands 2  and my oldest daughter wants Resident Evil 6 .  My middle daughter has requested Halo 4  and of course she also would like Call Of Duty  It was only a few years ago I was hesitant in purchasing anything online as I did have some pretty bad experiences and there were some items I just never received after paying for them.   Those fears are long gone and I have as much faith and trust in online retailers as I do in the mortar and brick stores.

Grainger Games is one of the reliable companies you can count on!  They have the great games you want at prices that are easy on the budget!  Are you bored with a game trade it in or they’ll buy it.   Need a new console – they have it!  Can’t afford to purchase new?  They may have it pre-owned!  How can you go wrong?  You can’t!!   This is what I want my dear children – Bioshock– for my birthday, granted it will be a little late – just hurry and order it for me!

**The opinions expressed are strictly my own and I was compensated for this post**


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