The Holidays Are Just Around The Corner – And So Is Winter!!

I cringe at the thought of the holidays arriving – I am still living in Springtime (my favorite season!)  The amount of holiday greeting cards I write out by hand are somewhere around a thousand.  I usually start out writing in October this way I can avoid severe writers cramp!!  Personalizing the cards by handwriting shows that you care, I never use printed cards – it’s just so impersonal.  We all have to tolerate winter and driving every night can be frustrating especially when the snow arrives.  The snow just slows me down and the overnight driving is more challenging as the plow trucks usually don’t go out until around 5am.  If the storm is especially bad, they will go out earlier.

Since the kids are grown we now use an artificial tree – the kids still want us to buy a real tree.  The artificial is so much easier and much less of a mess afterwards.  I explained to my daughter that I am saving trees and helping the environment at the same time!  Her response was “yeah right”!  I still use the artificial tree!!

As time goes by you kind of lose the thrill of the holiday season, I enjoyed it tremendously when my children were young.  Now that I have grandchildren I really enjoy the holidays again.  Just watching their eyes light up just brings me so much joy and brings me back to the good old days.   My youngest grandson helped me wrap gifts last year and he kept trying to unwrap them afterwards.  He kept telling me over and over again that “he needs presents”.  I explained to him that you don’t need presents – you want presents!!  It was so much fun watching him and listening to him rationalize how “he needs” those gifts!  This is just one of those special precious moments in life – it is just so good to be alive!!

**The opinions expressed are strictly my own and I was compensated for this post**

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