I Want To Go CRAZY When I Shop – Especially For Footwear!!!

Well, I usually hunt for bargains in most stores.  There are times when I just feel the need to go absolutely crazy and buy everything I’ve always wanted!  Unfortunately reality sets in when I open my pocketbook and look at my cash or my cards, dashing my crazy thoughts!!  One area I don’t scrimp on is my footwear, as I have diabetes and keeping my feet in tiptop shape is a necessity.

I would have loved to have a small portion of Imelda Marcos’ shoe collection as my collection is pretty paltry, maybe 12 – 13 pairs!  For the most part, I get the most wear out of my shoes by keeping certain pairs for certain seasons & events.  My work shoes are always sneakers in the summer / fall season, boots or high tops in the winter / spring seasons.   Sneakers usually wear out in a short period of time as I am always in & out of the car and walking quite a bit.  I wear sandals for casual, dress and of course for the beach.   Usually I buy good quality footwear that fit comfortably and are durable.

Now as far as my husband is concerned he usually wears casual shoes most days, but he also keeps some formal wear shoes on hand for those “special” occasions.  He needs to be careful and wear comfortable shoes as he is also a diabetic.  My son really likes his Nike’s but for his job he is required to wear work boots and he makes a wise choice  by wearing Caterpillar brand.  My Grandson is playing football this year and he needed football boots and what a great deal my daughter found for him.  He is so excited and wants to sleep in his uniform!!  I can’t help but remember when my daughter was younger and she wanted to sleep in her track outfit!  Her son takes so much after her, it’s amazing.   I have to say all in all that my children have good taste in shoes, of course they take after their parents!!



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