Do You Remember……….The Times Of Your Life???

Do you remember the jingle and the song made famous by Paul Anka?  This was part of a great ad campaign used by Kodak in the mid 1970’s and Anka then released it as a full song in 1976 – it hit #7 on the charts!!!  Another Kodak product Kodachrome (circa 1935 – 2009) was also the subject of a Paul Simon song and a park was named for it also – Kodachrome Basin in Utah!  Processing of the film ended in 2010 – what an era and what a long run!

In today’s world digital is the new era.  Gone are the Kodak Brownie cameras ( I wish I still had mine ) gone also are the Poloroid Instamatic’s of yesteryear – now a new digital instaprint version is out there.  Our cell phones also offer advance digital photography.  It is so easy and less expensive to take and download your pictures.  There are so many photo editing programs out there, it’s amazing what we can do today!

The digital camcorders of today are so easy to use and lightweight, I don’t miss my old camcorder that used video cassette tapes!  I wish I had today’s technology when my children were younger.  Even the available selection of accessories are terrific!   My husband and I were playing some of the old tapes we have of our children and many of them have degraded.   My son is working on transferring them over to DVD’s hopefully he will be able to save what is left of them.

I’ve learned a good lesson and I realize just how important it is to preserve our memories.   It’s great that we have the tools available to us to do so.

**The opinions expressed are strictly my own and I was compensated for this post**



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