There Is A Chill In The Air!!!!

The nights have been getting a little cooler lately and I started to go through my fall/winter clothing and get ready for the change in seasons!  I found this nice fleece  jacket that I had bought earlier in the year and didn’t get the opportunity to wear until now.  I also found the new waterproof jacket  I had ordered for my husband Jim.  He will be surprised when I give it to him as he has been looking for a new jacket and this is a real nice one!  Since we plan on making one last camping trip this year, now is the time to give it to him!

We have a nice tent that we purchased earlier this year, but I want Jim to get a portable heater – I don’t like waking up in the cold.  I really enjoy camping, but my preference is for camping in a nice camper trailer or motor home as I need some comforts of home!  Sleeping bags  are just not my cup of tea and I don’t care for inflatable mattresses either. The new ones we purchased early this spring have been pretty comfortable though and they are lightweight.

What is nice about our camping trips this year has been the much lighter and easier to pack equipment in our mini-van.   We can load up real quick and just drive off in no time, which is real convenient.  Believe me I really don’t suffer that much, as I do have my coffee maker and cook top, beside the BBQ grill, even have my Sirius XM radio & portable television.

Yes I whine a little bit about “roughing it” out there in the woods, but honestly I prefer being close to nature and enjoy that much more than staying in a five-star hotel (well maybe!)

**The opinions expressed are strictly my own and I was compensated for this post**

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