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I am in the process of decorating my new office. My tastes have always been basic traditional, but my husband suggests that I “break out of my shell” and try something different. Well I did surprise him, BIG time! For a completely different look I decided to go with a great contemporary style from top to bottom. The biggest problem I faced was where do I find the styles and furnishings I truly wanted without spending an arm and a leg.

Searching for a company that has the products and designs I want, I always start with an online search. I then narrow my search down by picking at least three companies to take a closer look at. To my surprise (I don’t get surprised that often!) I found a GREAT company that handled pretty much everything I needed to make my office a beautiful showplace.  That company is Interior Addict I urge you to check out their sight!

The selection is GREAT and their prices are excellent, they even have a clearance section you should check out.  The selection alone of accents was terrific – I found a beautiful George Nelson Style Multi-Colored Starburst Clock.   I’ve always loved this style and the fact that it is multi-colored was beyond what I was looking for.  The ones I’ve seen over the years were either brass or stained wood, I love the colors.   One problem I was able to overcome was having limited desk space as the office is a bit on the tiny side.  They have a terrific space-saving desk – Lucce Drawers & Desk Unit  it has the drawer space I need, and a pullout desk that I can push back in when not in use.  The style is simple and elegant and it is a perfect fit for that small office space.

There are some great help sites such as eHow or even do a search under contemporary or modern design to find some pretty neat guides.  You’ll be surprised as to all the great tips and ideas on decorating there are out there.  I found some nice ideas on making a compact efficient office and ran across some ideas on balancing out modern and antique designs.  Many, many great decorating tips are available to you for the searching.  I am going to look into the balancing of modern and antique designs but shhhh  I don’t want my husband to know I am decorating another room!

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