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  “Made In Brooklyn”                                                                                                                                                “Baked At Home”


Baked Better is a “top notch” company dedicated to bringing consumers a delicious organic bread mix that is very easy to use and very delicious and healthy to eat – you will love this high quality bread mix.

I’ve been a baker for years and I used to make most of my bread home made.  Unfortunately, time has taken it’s toll on my availability to bake.  I am just too busy with the running of my businesses to devote much time to baking anymore.  My family always loved my breads from zucchini, yellow squash to apple, pumpkin, blueberry & lemon poppy seed – now I just don’t have enough time to make them.

Baked Better offers such an easy to use product all you add is water, a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of a sweetener such as honey, sugar or molasses.  The beauty of these mixes are the ability to deviate easily with the recipes and add other ingredients!  For starters I used the “Park Slope Staple” mix and decided to zing it up a little by adding peaches to the mix.  I used a cup of chopped peaches and a tablespoon of sugar along with 2 cups of liquid ( 6 oz of peach yogurt, 6 oz of natural peach juice) and 1 cup of water.   I followed the package directions and let the bread rise for 30 minutes and then baked it for 60 minutes.   The bread was a popular item with my family and they enjoyed the bread as is and we also tried it in the toaster topping with butter or peach jelly.   The bread had a nice consistency and the peaches gave it a mild fruit flavor.   The bread did not stick around very long as my son and daughter took care of the rest of it.

I tried the “Cobble Hill Crave” which has cranberries and walnuts blended in the mix and I made it straight out of the package.  I brought it to my daughters house for our Easter Sunday dinner and it disappeared very quicky, unfortunately my husband did not get to try it!  Everyone thought it was delicious, I was amazed at how fast it was gone!!

The last mix I baked “Dumbo Delicious” was my personal favorite – I decided to zing this one up as I did the first one.  This bread mix has so much to offer and would be great on it’s own merit.  In my family everyone loves fruit and I decided that I would try it with blueberries and walnuts – I was impressed as it tasted great!!  I used frozen blueberries as fresh local isn’t out yet, and packaged chopped walnuts and the flavor came through with the other ingredients.  I was able to put a slice in the toaster and I topped it with butter – OMG it was delicious!!

What I like about the mixes is the ease of use and the flexibility of it.  I plan on ordering more and I am looking to try adding zucchini, summer squash (it is great to use), carrots and apples in the different mixes.  My family loves zucchini bread and for the apple bread I plan on using “Dumbo Delicious”, adding cinnamon & nutmeg with an oatmeal cinnamon crumble on top, even some brown sugar!!

This product impressed me and I really enjoyed working with it and look forward to making it a part of my regular routine.  It is just so easy even inexperienced cooks can do it with ease.  Check out their website by clicking here:

Keep watching as we will be hosting a giveaway of the 3 pack  – Park Slope Staple, Cobble Hill Crave, Dumbo Delicious mixes along with a 9″ Cuisinart non-stick loaf pan coming up soon!!

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